The company bringing nature and human as one, Jain


Main Objective


Provide safe food for the public


Collaborate with local government and farms, and create jobs

Machine Technology

Lead the standardization of technology accompanied by patent technology

Review core talent with required skills and licenses, and allocate suitable talent to each project

Introduce advanced technology for expanding into the global market

Lead machine technology for food processing

Food Processing

Produce snacks specifically designed for infants and children

Produce products customized for each function, vendor and target

Product franchise products

Process food at HACCP certified facilities

Agricultural Good Processing

Manage and procure agricultural and livestock goods for acquiring ingredients

Operate RPC production line

Rice washing and drying facility

Organic product production line


Our vision

Lead the development of food processing machine technology based on patented technology by establishing H/W systems
Link with local specialties and secure safe local food through creating a database of food technologies
Increase the number of research talent to establish a research institute system supporting machine technology, food and logistics