The company bringing nature and human as one, Jain

Naeiburo(Pure It Finger)

Products are made in shapes of sticks and rings, and in various tastes to allow infants under 12 months old can easily consume.

Naeiburo(Haninbae Pongdang)

Chocolate, cheese and milk products, enjoyed by children above 12 months and adults are made into ball shapes.

Commerce Park(Bebest)

Calcium is added to stick and ring products targeted for infants above 0 months old, and feature 5 different tastes.

Lololand(Rainbow Lolo Pop)

It is a product that presents a single meal with balanced nutrients to children, and it is a cereal produced in 3 shapes and 6 tastes.

Ivenet(Bebe Finger)

With the theme of red, orange and green colors, fruit and vegetable contents are added into ring shapes.

Daehoga(Jayeon Nongjang)

Stick products of brown rice, squash and green/yellow vegetable taste.


Other Brands

Collaborations with various brands including Brand Neo, Madasom, BNK Global and Bromeliad are in progress.