The company bringing nature and human as one, Jain


Welcome to the website of JAIN.

Jain is a company that began with its development of the grain snack maker in 2005, which utilizes the friction heat of grains. It gained public attention as its concept received the highest bid of 2,050,000,000 won on the “Idea How Much” show on SBS in 2008.

With continuous research and development to create grain snack makers with zero nutrient loss, Jain was able to acquire patents for grain snack making and instant porridge snack making. In 2009, it received the Prime Minister Award at the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition, solidifying its position as the leader in the industry following the motto of becoming the company that brings nature and humans as one.

Jain uses organic brown rice as an ingredient for making snacks with its in-house developed stack making technology and maker to satisfy the demand for well-being, and it also purses the idea of making contributions to the agriculture and economy of farms in Korea by increasing Korean rice consumption.

While the shape and taste can be copied, the leading technology and business philosophy of Jain will continue to satisfy the expectations and demand of the people, and Jain will continue to maintain its position as the leader in safe foods.

“The beginning of Jain is the beginning of well-being food.”

CEO of Jain, Sin Hang-hee